Monday, August 9, 2010

Lehmann's Luncheonette in Kerrville

The first of these three images is one of my favorites in my collection, because it reminds me of a Norman Rockwell illustration, or a scene from Mayberry RFD.   I don't remember this little lunch counter as Lehmann's; when I was a boy it was a part of Winn's.   This was in the old Schreiner Wool building which was in the 700 block of Water Street.  The building was torn down in the 1980s to make way for an expansion of the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital, the L. D. Brinkman Surgical Annex.   I remember the creaking wood floors and the little glass-lined bins of gewgaws from the Winn's days.
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Lehmann's Luncheonette, 700 Block of Water Street, Kerrville
Taken in the late 1950s

Lehmann's Luncheonette, Kerrville

Lehmann's Luncheonette, Kerrville
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  1. I remember when it was Lehmann's and everything in the pics looks familiar but I specifically remember the ice cream price signs on the wall. The prices stayed a nickel a scoop through much of the sixties because Pampell's or Rexall and the bowling alley all charged the same. Of course you had to go to Larry's Dairy Queen to get dipped soft-serve and Five-Points was where they had the chocolate soft-serve or you could get the little cups with wooden spoons at Pure Milk.


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