Sunday, August 22, 2010

My favorite building in Kerrville

I know, I know.  But please grant me this boon on my birthday.  Here's the one building in Kerrville where I've spent most of my life.  The work there has fed me, my family, and hundreds of employees over the 45 years since my parents bought Marvin Hunter's printing company.  Our shop is actually the fourth print shop in this building.  There has been a print shop in our building since at least the 1950s; there has been a print shop on this block since 1898.

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Herring Printing Company, soon after my parents bought
J. Marvin Hunter's print shop in 1965.  The La Veda Shop is on the
far right of the building.  Mrs. Domingues, owner of the La Veda, was a milliner.
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  1. Mrs. Hunter was my 2nd Grade teacher at Tivy Elementary. I remember they gave us a tour of the print shop on the same day we had a tour of the fire station. At that time the fire station was attached to the city hall. All the boys got to slide down the pole.


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