Friday, August 27, 2010

The Tivy Football team that played for the State Championship

There was a Tivy football team that once played for the state championship -- the 1936 Tivy Antlers.  This was before there were divisions like 5A or 4A -- all the high schools across the state were eligible.  Tivy was undefeated and traveled to Amarillo to play the Amarillo Sandies.   Just about everyone in Kerrville went to the game -- a special train went from Kerrville to Amarillo -- and even Scrappy, a live white tail deer, rode the train.
I have a program from that game in my collection, along with a film of the game.
I'd like to report that Tivy won that game.  But they didn't, and became the second best team in the state.  No other Tivy team has made it so far in the state finals.  So far.....

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The 1936 Tivy High School football team, Kerrville, Texas

Here are the names of the players, courtesy of Frances "Fuzzy" Swayze:  Front row: (12) Earl Garrett (nephew to the person for whom the street is named), (24) Tommy Speakman, (29) Tommy Wren, (20) Nevil Mayeaux, (17) Willis Carlisle, (25) Frank Fisher, (13) Preston Chambliss, (31) William Coleman; Second row: Jerome Vanoy, Asst Coach, (32) Kyle Hollimon, (27) Hunter Rabalais, (11) Alfred Rust, (23) Alfred Coleman, (14) Chester Heiman, (18) Henry Hauser, (30) Charles Henke, (28) Walter Lee, (16) Roy Holbrook, Vernon Hilliard, Head Coach; Third row: Ernie Broussard, Mgr, (?) James Cherry, (21) ? Vetter, (20) Charles 'Slick' McCaleb, (10) Jack Paul, (15) Frank Shepperd.  Not pictured: Harry Schwethelm.

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  1. I'm really glad I didn't have to wear a three piece suit when I was a teacher.

  2. Was Scrappy the mascot? Or just a devoted fan?

  3. Scrappy was a white-tail deer, a yearling, that traveled to all of the games. It was the team's mascot, and, perhaps toward the end of the long season, a fan.

  4. Tivy still had a live Scrappy on the sidelines at the games in the 50's. I think UIL rules ended that.

  5. Tivy High School Is one of the most amazing school is the Kerr County Districts for KISD. of the 2013-2014 J Jahade the Principle has got the school back on track......


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