Friday, August 6, 2010

Water Street Photos, including Pampell's and the Arcadia Theater

Pampell's was an important place in my childhood.  No one could make a chocolate malt like Emmie Kneese.  Virgie Morriss kept the best candy bars in stock, and the Hoods ran the pharmacy on which we relied.  Here are some images of that part of Water Street, taken from different times and different angles.

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700 Block of Water Street.  Pampell's is on the far right.

Same block, just a few years later.  Note the old St. Charles sign
on the far left.

Some beauties out for a drive.  Pampell's is behind them.

700 block of Water Street, Pampells on far right,
Arcadia Theater in the center.

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  1. hoods are still running pharmacies in a lot of places . . .


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