Monday, September 13, 2010

The Ten Pin Champions -- Kerrville, late 1960s

I don't recognize most of the guys in this photo of the "Ten Pin Champions," though the fellow handing the certificate looks a bit like a young Murray Beadles, one of my heroes.  But I definitely recognize the place where they're dining.  How many of you can guess where they are?

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Ten Pin Champions -- at one of my favorite dining places
Kerrville, late 1960s
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  1. My first guess was the original Acapulco when it was still in the old gas station but a close-up of the menus reminds me there was a place called el Torro's or something close, though I'm not sure if I ever ate there.

  2. Rusty is close. I think it was Torres', a Mexican food restaurant that was on West Jefferson (I believe) in the '40s and early '50s, but relocated out beyond Inn of the Hills and the bowling alley by the late '50s.


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