Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1970 Tivy Students publish "non-censored" newspaper, the "Dove"

I have an original copy of the April 8, 1970 issue of the "Dove," a newspaper published by Tivy students.  "The authors of this paper believe that the students of their school deserve the chance to read a non-censored account of today's happenings," it begins.
"Did you know," it asks, "that high school students have constitutional rights and privileges just as everyone else does?"
I do not know if there was ever a second issue of the paper, but this one is pretty groovy.  I think Ace Reid, who was the "sponsor" of the newspaper (which meant, I think, he paid for the printing) had a good sense of humor.
It's always good to let teenagers express themselves in a positive way.  Groovy.
This is the entire issue -- probably never seen since its publication 40 years ago.

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  1. I happen to know that one of the young "peace-niks" went Warmonger and served in the Navy chasing Subs and women all over the world. He upheld the term "Spends his money like a drunken Sailor" quite well. He was a friend to many and a brother to a few, but most of all he was a traitor to the enlisted ranks as he went Officer and made Captain. I'm always thought that perhaps he was afraid to make Chief.

    The Bushman....


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