Friday, October 8, 2010

Max Greiner's latest delusion.

From an article in today's Kerrville Daily Times:
Click on image to enlarge:
Commemorative plate, Kerr County Centennial, 1956.
Cross on distant hill is on Mt. Wesley, Methodist Encampment
According to Max Greiner Jr., president of The Coming King Foundation, the 1956 centennial plate of Kerr County foreshadows the monument at the entrance to town near Interstate 10.
Sandy Weinheimer, manager of A&A Tire Service in Ingram, showed Greiner her family's centennial plate when he came into her shop following a flat tire in July. The plate depicts what Greiner claims is a giant cross on a distant hill in the background, which is similar to The Empty Cross sculpture erected by The Coming King Foundation this summer.
Greiner described the plate as a "major confirmation of God's sovereign will."
Weinheimer's grandmother, Katherine Snyder, purchased the collectors' plate from a downtown store in Kerrville during the Kerr County Centennial in 1956. After her death, the plate was given to her daughter, Jean Dreiss, who had kept it until it was passed on to Weinheimer.
"We knew about the The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden and have been praying for it for quite some time," Weinheimer said. "I told my mom, ‘I've got to show this to Max Greiner.'"
Greiner invited The Coming King Foundation's vice president Jim McKnight to see and photograph the plate at A&A Tire Service the following day.
According to Greiner, this centennial plate will occupy a place of honor in the future visitor's center and museum at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden.


  1. I purchased a stack of 4 perfect Kerr Centennial Plates at a garage sale in Fredericksburg recently for $10, and I love them! I've purchased some other brown transferware to use with them, and we actually eat off them. At first glance, all the icons could very well be from Gillespie County, too (such as Cross Mountain just north of Fbg, the common wildlife and farm animals, etc.).

  2. Ann Talbert RuizMarch 2, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    The Centennial 'Logo' at center top of the plate I believe was the art work of Herbie Witt, who won the contest staged for purpose of finding the perfect logo!


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