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Results from the Survey on the Charles Schreiner Mansion

Here are the results from the survey I posted about the future of the Charles Schreiner Mansion on Earl Garrett Street in Kerrville.  I edited them slightly, removing hopefully all references that mentioned a specific name, and correcting a few typos.  Otherwise, any response that was posted is found below.  Thanks for your participation!

Charles Schreiner Mansion Survey

Posted online from September 17, 2010 through September 30, 2010
137 responses


1. Should the Schreiner Mansion be preserved?
·         Yes
·         No
·         Bulldoze it

2. What types of activities would you like to see in the Schreiner Mansion?
·         Social events (parties, weddings, etc.)
·         Academic events (research, lectures)
·         Interpretive displays (museum-like set up, so visitors can learn about Kerr County.)
·         Meetings of secret Kerrville societies. (Just kidding.)
·         Other

3. In your own words, what do you think the purpose of the Charles Schreiner Mansion should now be?

Question 1:

Should the Schreiner Mansion be preserved?
·         Yes
·         No
·         Bulldoze it

Question 2:

What types of activities would you like to see in the Schreiner Mansion?
·         Social events (parties, weddings, etc.)
·         Academic events (research, lectures)
·         Interpretive displays (museum-like set up, so visitors can learn about Kerr County.)
·         Meetings of secret Kerrville societies. (Just kidding.)
·         Other

·         commercial enterprise - dining, drinking, dancing, etc.
·         A "see Kerrville from above" zipline from the mansion tower to the parking garage!
·         Great place to house your photographic collection of Kerrville history
·         Dining?
·         I really don't care what it's used for, as long as it's not torn down!!
·         Genealogical Centre
·         location for photos (weddings, family groups)
·         poetry readings
·         Anything useful, especially secret society meetings.
·         Small chamber music concerts or vocal recitals
·         Brothel
·         Make it into a really good historical museum with artifacts from Kerr county
·         Coffee shop, LAN computer network, social hall

Question 3:

In your own words, what do you think the purpose of the Charles Schreiner Mansion should now be?

·         I think it should DEFINITELY be preserved....and really, it can have multiple purposes.  Might be neat to have a little section of it with a coffee house to go sit and drink coffee while you read a book....and rent it out....and have displays....could sell historic items, etc.  Let the imagination run wild....but definitely preserve it.

·         See above!  Not to mention the history of the home!

·         I would like to see the mansion be  a depository of sorts for all of the pioneer families to display what memento's, etc. they have as well as the Schreiner's. I would like for others to know how it really was back in the day and that the pioneers have a lot to contribute.

·         Educational--both academic and educational for the general public about the history of this area including the pre-Anglo period.

·         Gathering place for special events and hopefully utilizing downtown restaurants catering those events.

·         Social Events such as weddings or parties and the like is a great idea only if the person or persons being honored has a great respect for local history....I would love it to be museum like....that would be awesome! 

·         Its presence should reflect Kerrville's history/architecture but its functionality should be such that it contributes to making downtown Kerrville a marketable venue for tourism and the community.

·         Museum to display and inform folks the historic and prehistoric past of Kerr Co.

·         It should remain an important monument to the history Kerrville, Kerr County and Texas.  It gives you and your children (and those of us no longer living there) a grounding, rooting sense of integrity - a sort of gut level connection we all have and can't get back whenever landmarks like that are removed.   We should learn from Europe.  They respect their elders and their old landmarks.

·         In a nutshell or mansion, Kerrville history. One location that is a time capsule of Kerrville. It would be nice to make it the research center for anyone wanting to find Kerr Co. genealogy information and get it out of the crowded B-H Library. Maybe some non-profit meetings (such as Kerr Co. Genealogy Club), but no parties and such. Too much wear and tear on the building in the long run and it would take away from the history of the building.

·         Being in downtown, puts it at a great advantage for tourists visiting the downtown area.

·         Where everyone could come and see it, but also to be able to have social events there also would be kinda cool.

·         Kerrville is in real need for a museum that tells the history of the Kerr County Area. Most towns of this size do have a museum and I think the people of this county would be glad to donate items for display.

·         I work at a tourist venue right next door to the mansion (you know who I am) and visitors to Kerrville are always very curious about the mansion and want to see the inside of the building. Visitors are also curious about the history of our town.  I think it's very important to keep the local house museum aspect of the building in some form.  There aren't many places where visitors can go to learn more about our history and the local history center run by the library falls short on many levels. Our downtown area is in desperate need of engaging activities for visitors to visit when they come to Kerrville.  I'd love to see meetings and events take place at the mansion, too!  If there is anything I can do to help or become involved, I'm a willing pair of hands!

·         It should be a museum where people can learn about the history of Kerr County.

·         If there is a Kerr County Museum, I'm unaware and would like to see that one day; even as a museum, there could still be room(s) for social events as well as academic events.

·         It must be saved!!!

·         I really love the idea of using the upstairs as a museum/lecture area and using the downstairs as a social venue.  I can picture little girl birthday parties in the garden.  Little old lady tea parties.  Small weddings and receptions.  Private dinner parties in the dining room.  The list goes on and on.  Lets be sure to keep the museum a viable part of our community. 

·         rent it out for parties, anniversaries family reunions wedding receptions. this would generate revenue to operate it

·         Too many of our historic buildings have been wiped out to make way for the next big thing. I think it's important to preserve this lovely and historically significant old building. That said, it would be a shame to see it stand empty. Obviously, the trick is finding a purpose for it.

·         I would love to see it put to use as a museum, showcasing Kerrville and Hill Country history. The question is, how much of a draw would that be? Given the seeming apathy towards that sort of venue, I am not sure this is a viable option.

·         Joe's Jefferson Street Cafe showed you could put a decent restaurant in a historic house. Obviously, that would mean private ownership of the mansion, which is probably not a road the committee  wants to go down. Still, the idea of another nice restaurant on the block has appeal to me. Francisco's can stand the competition, don't you think?

·         Turning it into a venue for events either social or academic is probably the most viable and easiest option. Again, the question becomes how much of a draw a venue of that type in our community would be. House concerts, weddings, catered business meetings and socials?

·         Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you, Joe. it's a worthy cause, so good luck.

·         Cut the displays/museum aspect and make it more a meeting/social space.

·         It might be good to have city/county committee meetings that are open to the public.

·         If you could get people in for one reason then it would grow.

·         If we knew what the final use for the hospital grounds would be this would be easy.

·         Say offices for a convention center then move the museum aspect to the convention center.

·         I do know that people are always looking for wedding venues, and though small, it would be a lovely setting for that type of event. I'm sure Charles would approve. I can imagine recitals, lectures, and so forth. And it is always appropriate to use as a museum.

·         Best wishes! Jane--

·         Community center marketed to local organizations for paid use such as meetings, parties etc.

·         The house is in a business district but it is also next to a building that displays art. If people came to Kerrville and wanted a History of Kerrville, Earl Garrett would be a great place to start plus it promotes downtown. We lost so many of our buildings from past years that it ts good to have a place preserved to show history. Maybe with the re-development of next door it will sit very nicely and proudly . It would be nice to add some back yard green area with the tearing down of the hospital.

·         Charles Schreiner Mansion should be used as a museum as it was in the past for people to learn about the Schreiners as well as Kerr County. I remember my children going to the Schreiner Museum and just talked about everything they saw and how interesting it was. It should be set up like the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg and be preserved for the future.

·         I'm into history, whereas I believe that we need to save our history no matter what....people have a mental block on how our state, counties and how this nation was built.....people need to step back and really think about where they are now, because of our past.....

·         to maintain the important history of our city.

·         to maintain the important history of our city.

·         Historic venue.

·         The one I checked above - there really isn't a place of this type now (that I know of) and I think with the right kind of publicity and sponsorship could be not only a tourist attraction, but something that Kerrvillians and other people in Kerr Country could contribute to and on a regular basis visit and learn about Kerr County - after all, Kerrville is the County seat - I checked other events that could be included - and I think the main purpose should be that of a museum, which I think it already is - and it needs more visibility!

·         I love the museum.  Can't it be kept going and be rented out for weddings and parties?  People are always searching desperately for a cool place for events and I think that would be as lovely as the Western Art Museum.  The income doesn't hurt either.

·         Staging point for the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse to start the counter-attack

·         I don't pretend to know the answer. But I feel strongly that it should be something that everyone from Kerrville could do or see and if there is a fee, low enough that anyone could afford. It should have something to do with the life of Capt. Schreiner.

·         It would be a wonderful place to have a wedding, family reunion, etc. I'm so tired of our historical structures being torn down to pave the way for another empty lot or vacant building!! The buildings that make Kerrville unique, should be protected and restored, not when feasible, but at all costs. We have a multitude of generous donors in this area.

·         As a regular, but recent, visitor to Kerrville, from Ireland, I have known the Mansion only as a Museum.  However, I am aware that genealogy is very important to many Anericans, including Texans.  There is an existing Kerrville Genealogical Society, based on the library.  Perhaps it would be a useful, and increasingly dynamic, complement to a museum or Interpretative Centre.  It is desirable to encourage all families, irrespective of origin to deposit their informtion now for the benefit of future generations of Kerrville descendents.

·         I thought it was given to Schreiner University.  Needs to have a museum component - maybe 100%.  Kerr County needs a county museum and heritage tourism to help with economic development.

·         A wonderful gathering place for social and civic events attended by residents and visitors.

·         Remind us of Kerr County history and provide a social gathering place.

·         I do like the Secret Societies meeting, but then it's not a secret. However, a place where visitors as well as a learning place sounds good. A learning/research museum?  Who ownes the property? City or County? And maybe a nature garden outside, with local/state plants.

·         I believe it should be preserved and used to educate all about our city and county. I would like to go to social events in such a historic home. Please, do not let it fade away or disappear. It is one of the few homes still standing and it is a beautiful place. It's our history. It's home.

·         I am sure that Dodo Parker had in mind that it would be a museum for Kerrville and that was what she worked for for many years. It should be used for that purpose because it has a good start. Fuzzy Swayze

·         I believe it should be a place where people can learn about Kerrville's history and at the same time be used for special occasions such as weddings.etc.

·         I never got a chance to go into the mansion when it was a museum .  I think it would be fun and interesting if it could continue to function as a museum.   Perhaps the party idea would be a way to raise money to keep it open.  I'm sure it is expensive to maintain a building.

·         An event center that can be enjoyed by all!

·         To show people how Kerrville was back then so we can know our town's History

·         Hasn't Kerrville destroyed enough old buildings. Downtown had many great old buildings and they are gone. Downtown needs some life!!!!!

·         The mansion should stay as a musuem/special occasion center. our history is important and should be preserved.

·         Rent it out and make money

·         This beautiful old home would be a perfect background for a museum of the history of Kerr County so all the newbies in Kerr County that call Kerr-Patch home.  With me calling Kerrville Kerr-Patch, I am a 1969 graduate of Tivy High School.  I finally moved from Kerrville in 1982.  I have been back 3 times since then.  The final visit was just last weekend and I have decided that I would NEVER EVER move back to Kerrville to live.  I truly feel that all of the old mansions that are in Kerrville should be saved because of the history they all hold in their building. If all the new people that have taken over all the important offices  have their way Kerrville will lose all of it Sid. Pete Hospital, Tivy Mountain and any other historic site in Kerrville and Kerr County.  Save as much of the historic building in Kerrville.  The next build I see being razed in Kerrville will be the beautiful old court house. I hope to the lord not.

·         I like the idea of preservation of such buildings in our community. It is such a shame , the number of buildings that have been demolished.  Kerr County history is so precious and should be treated with dignity and shared with future generations.  I've been privilaged to hear the history from Helen Deitert and Clara Bell Snodgrass and others of that generation; this could be a great opportunity to involve the community and build a collection of first hand  accounts of the history and events that make Kerr County a great place to visit and live. 

·         Kerr County is where I lived and along with others in this great community raised my children. I know first hand that in order to find the true history of this community, you've got to talk to those that lived it.  I would like to see a museum focusing on the families and the lives that made Kerr County great.

·         The name Schreiner is omnipresent when it comes to my memories of Kerrville and that is a beautiful bldg.  If you could do museum kind of thing and pay for it w/ the social events (I have no idea what the back yard of the thing looks like or could look like though), that would be nifty.  Academic stuff could just squeeze in the social areas during the day when not in use by social.

·         The things I checked above sound good to me.

·         To be a part of our revitalized downtown.  However that fits in, whatever the need may be.  I think having a venue available for social events, as well as having an educational aspect, would be great.  Keeping the history of our area is crucial.  As someone who has lived here for only 13 years, I don't know much of the old info, and love seeing your pictures, but it upsets me to see the short-sightedness of people along the way when they choose to demolish some fantastic old structures.  Case in point - what they did to Schreiners dept store.  Now, taking off all that shiny tile and seeing the beautiful stonework underneath is exciting, and I wish we had more of those structures still around!!

·         perfect location, history, and setting for a Kerr Area Museum.

·         i see it as the ideal place to set up an electronic database for all available documents and photographs of Kerrville and Kerr county history. this shouldn't require much in the way of space and would free the remainder of the building for public use, such as social and academic events in the manner of the old Pampell's drug store upstairs auditorium. one can imagine that the stately and elegant surroundings would give any and all events a bit of style and panache that isn't found in church fellowship halls, nor would there be sectarian issues that don't allow for all people to feel completely welcome in those gathering places. i know of no other county that can offer such a venue and considering the largesse of various foundations, there should be no problems of grant money to keep the project functioning smoothly.

·         This should be a public facility that the community uses to showcase it's history and provide visitors with an experience that they remember and associate with their visit to our community. Children of the community should use it to connect to their past. Our local version of the Alamo I guess. Using it for private events that exclude the public would be short-sighted and we would lose an opportunity to develop something that could be critical for our future.

·         A community venue for various stand alone events and mixers in partnership with next door arts centergoodword?

·         Please hide the keys from the bulldozers. 

·         I think turning the place into a wedding/reception hall would be an excellent idea. all we have in Kerrville in the court house and Louise Hays! the building is beautiful and magnificent I would hate to see it torn down! Frankly id love to see anything except a museum be made out of that building! nothing exciting about a Kerrville museum! would make a great haunted house this Halloween... just sayin..

·         Museum with collections of photos, videos, etc. like those in your blog.  History of Kerr County and Kerrville, and surrounding communities. Otherwise, the new generations will have no clue of their history----and it's pure nostalgia for most of us soon to be old-timers!!

·         We still need a museum in Kerr County....

·         It was one of the first places we went when we came to Kerrville, it was very interesting, this is the early history of this town!  It could be a Museum during the day and rented out on weekends and nights for other functions by those who would appreciate the history there.

·         Of course I'm a newbie in town (10 years) so what do I know ;0)

·         What a bed and breakfast it would make.  Parking is such a headache in that area.  It would help tremendously if the old Peterson hospital site becomes a parking lot.  Or at least part of it. 

·         Well, people need a reason to go downtown in Kerrville. Preserving the mansion is a given, and it needs to be accessible to the public and visitors. People should still be able to tour it like a museum, but academic & social events would be great for downtown. It just can't be too exclusive.

·         My professional suggestion: We start hosting murder-mystery dinner parties there on the weekends, and each weekend we feature local celebrities from the area, living ones and historical ones.

·         It was Joshua Brown in the parlor with the cedar axe!

·         Kinky Friedman could host, and Rails or Cowboy Steak House could cater.

·         Ok I was kidding at first but now I want to see this happen.

·         Keep it, more or less, the way it is now.

·         I enjoyed the tour of the building when it was a museum.  Many of our elementary students went on field trips there.  The mystery of the 'tunnel' from the mansion to the store was always a hit.  The docents at the time were very knowledgeable and willing to share their stories.  My vote...back to a museum for everyone to enjoy Kerr County's past.

·         Don't know.  But, preserve all the old buildings possible. Unlike our neighboring towns, Kerrville has not done a very good job of preserving our heritage. 

·         I think it should primarily be a venue for social events. If not that, at least a museum. The Schreiner's are an important part of the history of Kerrville. I would LOVE to be married at the mansion. It's beautiful. Please keep it!

·         The mansion is too historical to lose. If public use does not warrant keeping it, it would make a great B&B. Places such as Jefferson and Granbury have shown this.

·         Its legacy and heritage.  So many buildings have been bulldozed down to make room for other buildings, which have just recently been bulldozed down themselves.  History and heritage is priceless.  It would also be killing a goose that lays a golden egg.  Look at all the small towns in Texas who have a great deal of's because they preserved their history and their buildings. 

·         I think the C.S. mansion should be a testament to the founding and history of Kerrville, while also serving as a life-giving force to downtown. I'd love to see the old building become a lively, busy event center, while also being a central location where people who are interested in the Schreiner family and their part in making Kerrville what it is can go for resources and information.

·         I do not want to see it turned into a student  hangout and trashed.

·         A good museum with good authoritative history should be displayed.

·         Benefit teas, etc could happen there

·         Furnished as it was in the 1880's and still as the Hill Country Museum.  Things like Silver Services should be in locked glass cases, and even kitchen utensils should be locked under glass.  By the way, Dodo put me on its board for a while back in the 1970's.  I felt awkward among all the old-timers, but by 1990 I discovered I was more of an old-timer than some of them were!

·         it would be nice to have a downtown meeting place devoted to enriching downtown and the city, without being a place designated for stuffy committees and government business . . . such a space could have: revolving art displays (perhaps as spillover of important works from KACC); could host club and society meetings; have monthly events such as classic or experimental film fests; smaller concerts for more intimate groups than work in the Cailloux space; seminars on historical, scientific, artistic topics, perhaps more local in origin than those big events that are hosted at the big hotels and conference centers; and host fundraising soirees when the moneys raised would be better spent going to the intended charity than to hotel overhead. . . and probably a bunch more possible events . . .

·         The focal point for Kerrville and Kerr County history.

·         Adjunct to KACC or independently as an art gallery.  How about the public display of some of the rare books and religious items that Schreiner University has?  Are there really secret Kerrville societies?

·         For visitors and local individuals to learn about the history of Kerr County.

·         Joe -my idea of the CS Museum is to keep the first floor as a museum with  rotating exhibits and create a very nice, antique-laden reception/small meeting room on the second floor.. My model is the  diplomatic reception area on the .7th Floor at the State Department in Washington.

·         The upstairs I remember to be more open thus lending itself to social events while the first floor could be used more like a museum that could encompass the History of Kerrville, Kerr County and the Schreiner family and other founding families such as the Herring' and Stacy's I think both floors should be open for a combination all events

·         To promote the historical perspective of our community while preserving the beauty of the location.

·         A living reminder of our county/city foundation and the people who made today possible. Our traditions are slipping away as fast as we older natives who remember the stories our grandparents told us are fading away. If the current rulers do not care about preserving Kerrville's history then demolish the Mansion and put up another Mexican food restaurant.

·         Getting it really used by the community with some benefit either directly, by charges for use, or indirectly, as in free lectures etc, to Schreiner U.It will be a great social setting. As a museum, I would doubt it would get that much activity.

·         Preserving the history and utilizing in a way to promote Kerrville's history in a social setting would be optimal.  Weddings, Conferences, Social Events could bring needed revenue to the community.  Gruene Mansion might be a good reference point as a venue to duplicate ( just a suggestion ).  Glad you're involved in this and can't wait to see what the outcome and other suggestions you get.

·         Not exactly its purpose, but it must have an elevator and smooth sidewalks for the benefit of the handicapped if it is to serve the community fully.  Those of us with limited mobility are more likely to be interested in a museum than persons who can play golf and tennis, jog, etc.

·         I think that its primary function should be to preserve, display and explain the history of this area -- far too much of which already has been lost.

·         The social events should be secondary, though I'm sure that the rental income will be very welcome.

·         It would be an excellent forum to showcase the pioneer history of Kerrville & the Hill Country.  Tunnel tours would be a big plus & potential tourist draw.

·         My children have always enjoyed stopping in on a whim or taking visiting relatives to the mansion to show them all the treasures and period clothing.  They enjoy the beautiful building as it is unlike any they've ever been in before.  The central location allows for easy and unexpected visits by tourists or residents planned or spontaneously.

·         Will depend upon the future of Schreiner Department store and the future of the block left vacant by the demolition of the hospital.  It would need to fit in with the entire block.  Perhaps it could be the entrance to the block, with some of your wonderful history pieces of Kerrville . . .

·         The question I would like to know is:    what is the overall direction for the 'downtown' area, and how will the Schreiner Mansion fit into this overall picture?

·         It should be more of a museum set up so that it can educate the school children and also other visitors about Kerr County and how things were done back in the day.

·         It could also be used for social events but with tight restrictions and limited number of guests who could attend.

·         Preserve our history

·         It should serve as a showcase for all sorts of events in the Kerr County community.  They sky's the limit!

·         How about a brothel? Seriously. It would provide a needed economic boost to downtown, while providing local employment and giving teens and retirees something to do. The publicity alone would put Kerrville back on the map. Renovation costs would be minimal, as the interior decor kind of looks like a brothel already.

·         To show the history of the area. Many small towns have a really good one for tourists and residents to enjoy.

·         Musuem to show case Kerr County histoy and display the huge collection of photograph to bring back a sense of pride in our history here.   To have something interesting for tourist and locals to help the Kerrville econmic growth.  Use the upstairs and down for the museum and have good hours of operation.  Retore the gardens to their former glory and have fund raisers there and in the home for the museum.  Include some new citizens who have interest in history and the knowledge to get grants and historical preservation. Sharon Walling, former interior designer home tour junkie

·         The Mansion should be kept as a museum, not a social hall. The upstairs was a treasure trove of Kerrville history that couldn't be found elsewhere, and a great place to spend an afternoon.

·         The downstairs gave us a peek into the life of the Schreiner family - it should stay that way.

·         history museum of Kerr County, it has such a great collection of stuff now, altho many folks don't know it  - plus refurburish the historical garden in the back

·         Wedding and society venues!

·         If anybody complains, just say that it can host the Kerr County Stock show too ! That should be a broad based group of yes !

·         I believe it should be primarily a place to display and appreciate our Kerrville Heritage.  Just keeping it up and presentable is the first and most important mission. Second is to devise a method to have this basic mission be self supporting, like income from tours, admissions, rentals.

·         The mansion was/is the closest thing we have had to a museum dedicated to the history of Kerr County. It's my understanding that some of the upstairs collection was obtained in 1930-33 in response to newspaper ads that asked residents to donate historical Kerr County items to be displayed in a planned Kerr County Museum.  To my knowledge that museum never reached fruition and the items collected were stored until DoDo Parker and friends formed the Hill Country Preservation Society who then raised funds to purchase the old Charles Schreiner mansion  and turn it into a museum-like set up using items from the 1930-33 collection and other historical items. SO,  PLEASE KEEP IT AS A MUSEUM, maybe revamped, but a museum dedicated to the rich history of Kerr County.  Thanks for the blog, Joe.

·         To get a gem rating from AAA. It brings visitors to a community. 8-)

·         I'm a newcomer who sees a need for a local history museum in Kerrville.  I'd like to see the house as a multi-function facility, restored partly as a house museum downstairs, partly with changing exhibits to showcase the local history upstairs.  If the exhibit area is designed well, that open upstairs area could also be used for events.

·         Or....thinking outside the box--why not use part of the restored Schreiner store as a local history museum or center?  One ticket, two museums.

·         I would like to see the Mansion be multi-purpose if that is feasible.   We attended a dinner there sponsored by Schreiner Univ and it was delightful!    The issue w/allowing it to be flexible is that someone needs to oversee, book, and handle details.   It is a great building w/charm, character, and history and needs to be a part of the downtown.    I really like the idea of being used for visitors and history.    But I also think it could be used for special occasions.     It absolutely must be preserved!!  

·         Let it be a place of creative impact. A place where people can go to create and share. Museums are one-dimensional sit and get. No more convention areas. Make this mansion an interactive and collaborative space. LAN Computer network to provide instructional online sharing; collaborative meeting spaces.

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