Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Then and Now: The Charles Schreiner Company

Captain Charles Schreiner often said the Schreiner store was the basis for all his other endeavors, the financial rock upon which the rest of the business edifice rested.  Here's an early shot of the old store, paired with a photo I took last week.
The doors and windows have moved a bit, as you can see.  But look closely at the corner of the old building, toward the right edge of the photo.  Notice the corner edge that goes up the building, and then, a bit to the left, a matching set of dressed corner edge stones -- indicating an older building that was added on to (several times).  Those marked stones are still visible in the old building, currently undergoing a much-needed renovation.

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Charles Schreiner Company, around 1915, Kerrville
if anyone has an idea on the year model of that truck, please put it in the comments below.
Schreiner Building, Kerrville, October 2010

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