Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Ephemera: Special Edition of the "Kerrville Eye"

I love the name of this old newspaper.  Robert Guthrie was its publisher, and his Guthrie Building still stands on the corner of Main and Earl Garrett Streets.  For years it was Fuzzy Swayze's studio, but now it's a lawyer's office.
This special edition of the Kerrville Eye was  published to celebrate the arrival of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad to Kerrville.
The poor printer: he ran 2000 copies then learned the celebration was delayed by one week.  That's why the date on the outside is different than the date on the inside.  Outside: September 29, 1887; Inside: October 6, 1887.
2000 copies was a lot: Kerrville had far less than 1000 residents at the time.
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I've printed a few copies of this newspaper at the print shop; drop by if you'd like a free copy.

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