Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mystery Photos: Somewhere in Kerrville, 1915

I know these photos are probably taken in Kerrville, and I know they're taken around 1915, just before the first World War.  If you have an idea where they were in the old town, I'd appreciate you sharing your theory with me in the comments below.
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Western Union boy, Kerrville 1915
Note 3rd, motorized wheel on bicycle

Store, Kerrville, 1915.  The lady is holding a bottle of Welch's, wine I suppose.
Other items for sale tobacco and cut glass.

Man, Kerrville, 1915.
Note the book in his pocket.

A large pavilion of some kind, Kerrville, around 1915.
Could this be on the Presbyterian or Methodist encampments?

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