Sunday, November 7, 2010

Water Street, Kerrville, about 1910

I like this photograph of the 700 block of Water Street in Kerrville, for several reasons.
First, of course, because it shows the Rector's building, where Hill Country Living is today, and also because it shows Pampell's.  The Rector's building hasn't changed a whole lot since the photo was taken, but Pampell's is still a frame building.  (Anna Belle Council says it was remodeled to its present facade in 1926.)
Look, too, at the team and wagons.  Those two wagons are loaded!  I suppose it was a wool shipment, coming in to market.
The A. C. Schreiner home can be seen farther down Water Street, past where our print shop is today.
How did I come to the guess about the date on this photo?  If you look at the far right of the image, you can see an automobile.  Cars didn't arrive here until around 1908.  I'm not sure what year model is shown in the photo, perhaps one of you could make a guess in the comments below.  The photo is between 1908 and 1926.  If you would like to narrow that range, I'd be happy to hear it.
Lastly, if you look in front of the stone building, you'll notice two men, one of which is looking back at the photographer.  I'm thinking photos were still quite rare in those days, so seeing someone make a photo of this team was something worthy of notice.
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700 Block of Water Street, Kerrville, around 1910

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  1. Above, you said, "The A. C. Schreiner home can be seen farther down Water Street, past where our print shop is today."

    Thank you for typing the word "farther," rather than "further."

    Many people confuse those two words, and it always "bugs" me. :)


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