Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Awarding a prize at Evans Foodway

In honor of my father's birthday today, I thought I'd put up a photo of him I found in my files, as well as a photo of the print shop he started.  Happy Birthday, Dad!
Both of these images are in my new book.
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Awarding a certificate at Evans Foodway, Kerrville, around 1960
My father, Joe Herring Sr., is third from the left.
My father's job with Evans Foodway is why my parents moved to Kerrville, just before I was born.

Herring Printing Company, 1960s, Kerrville
Note that the La Veda Shop is still in the building, at the far right.
La Veda was owned by Lillian Domingues, a milliner.


  1. Great picture, I wonder what the certificate was? Didn't Mr. Hunter own that print shop before your father? His wife was my 2nd grade teacher and I remember that we took a field trip there. That would have been 1965-66

  2. You are right, Steven. My father purchased the Hunter Printing Company in late 1964. Mr. Hunter continued to work at the shop for a while.


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