Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please help me spread the word about my book

I had someone walk in the front door of the print shop and tell me they didn't know I'd published a book of historic Kerrville photographs, so I still need help spreading the word:

If you'd be willing to share a review of my book with your friends on Facebook, I'd really appreciate it.  To do so, just click here.

Thanks!  I appreciate your help.  I've been talking to civic groups, was interviewed by the newspaper, and I've been telling people about the book through my blog, but I guess some people still haven't heard.

(We now have plenty of copies in stock.  Sorry we ran out so fast with the first three shipments.)

The book is available at Wolfmueller's Books (229 Earl Garrett, Kerrville), at Herring Printing Company (615 Water Street, Kerrville), and online.

Again, if you'd be willing to write a short review for your friends on Facebook, I'd appreciate it.  Click here.

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