Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1922 Tivy Football Team

Jack Stevens sent this along -- what a great photo.  Don't the boys look young?  Isn't the coach dressed nicely?  Mr. Stevens also sent along a roster -- written in his dad's hand.  Thanks for sending this along, Jack!
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1922 Tivy Football Team, Kerrville
1922 Tivy Football team roster, Kerrville

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  1. Is the Robert Wolfmueller in this photo the same Mr. Wolfmueller who founded Wolfmueller's store?

    A very long time ago, while visiting Kerrville, (I believe that it was in the 1940's) I went into Wolfmueller's store and met an elderly man, who identified himself as Mr. Wolfmueller. Now, I wonder if he was the one in this photo.


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