Friday, February 25, 2011

Harbison Store, Mountain Home, Texas, around 1899

Connie Smith brought by a great photo the other day of the Harbison Store in Mountain Home, Texas, taken around 1899.  A tag on the back of the photo reads:
"The William Dwight Harbison family in front of the Harbison Grocery and Feed Store and post office in Mountain Home around 1899.  Left to right: Martha, Walter (born at Mountain Home 7/22/85), Laura, Mrs. Sarah Ann Craig Baird Harbison, William Dwight Harbison, Lewis Dwight Harbison (born at Mountain Home 4/29/87) and Clara."
I love some of the details in the various signs.  For instance, the sign perpendicular to the front of the buildng reads "First Chance" instead of "Last Chance."
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Harbison Store, Mountain Home, Texas, around 1899


  1. At first, I didn't notice there were two men standing to the left of the store, leaning on the fence.

  2. What are those tall poles that are on top of the building?

    Are they lightning rods?

  3. Even when I enlarge this photo, I can't read that sign.

    Joe, you have excellent eyesight.

  4. Look at the condition of the barn fence and the front step (being supported by rocks).

    Bless their hearts; living in the 1800's must have been a difficult time in life - a great deal of struggle.

  5. While looking at the barn (left side of photo), I noticed something interesting.

    The photo shows the main roof of the barn and it shows a "porch" roof that is connected to the main roof. The ends of the porch roof are inclinded more so than the rest of the roof.

    That barn porch roof looks very similar to the porch roof on the house at 605 Earl Garrett Street in Kerrville.

    I believe the house on Earl Garrett Street was built c. 1898/1899.

    That style of roof must have been popular in the late 1800's.

  6. In my post about the porch roof, I obviously meant to type "inclined," rather than "inclinded."

    That doesn't bode well for my spelling skills or my spell checker.


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