Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: Guadalupe River postcard

I think this postcard dates from around 1920.  I wish I could be sure where the photo was taken, but the name "Point" might mean the confluence of the Guadalupe River and Johnson Creek in Ingram.
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Guadalupe River, near Kerrville.  Not sure where,
unless it's the Point in Ingram.  About 1920.

Reverse of postcard.  Note the publisher.


  1. Hi, Joe,
    I photographed for years at Camp Mystic. I believe this is a creek that runs into the Guadalupe at their waterfront. You might check with them.

  2. Joe, originally we were both in agreement that this photo was taken at the point of Tranquility Island. However, now that I look more closely, there is no bluff on the opposite side which would be below where the library is now. Still, this looks an awful lot like T. Island in Louise Hays Park! Evidently,this picture was pretty common. It is in Grinsteads Graphic May 1922, and October 1923. In one the picture is used as a chamber of commerce ad. the other photo is atop the poem "Fishing on the Guadalupe".


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