Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chester Nimitz and Governor Coke Stevenson in Kerrville, 1945

Steven Meeker sent along this image, taken by his mother during the Nimitz Day celebration held here at the end of World War II.  For those who don't remember, Fleet Admiral Nimitz received the Japanese surrender on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.  After the war, Nimitz returned to Kerrville for a big celebration in his honor.  While Fredericksburg claims Nimitz (he was born there), it's important to realize Nimitz was raised in Kerrville and attended public schools here from first grade on.  His mother and step-father are buried here, along with a brother.  So, despite Fredericksburg's claims, Chester Nimitz was a fighting Tivy Antler!  Thanks Steven for sending this image!
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Texas Governor Coke Stevenson holds the reins
while Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz hangs on,
Kerrville, October 1945

Inscription on back of the photo, Jerrie Meeker.


  1. Chester was a true hero!

  2. I was honored to see Adm. Nimitz 4 times in my life: His welcoming home at the Courthouse Square and at his brother's home when we lived next door to Capt. Otto Nimitz on Goat Creek in the '40's; Again on Treasure Island Naval Station adjacent to his Yerba Buena home in San Francisco Bay in the early '60's; And finally in the Pentagon's CNO Flag Plot shortly before his demise. Yes, he was a hero. .... Don


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