Friday, March 18, 2011

Peterson Auto, Kerrville, around 1950

Steven Meeker sent along this image of Peterson Auto, which was on the corner of Sidney Baker and Water Streets.  The large archway on the corner allowed Kerrville Bus Company buses in and out; the corner also served as the bus station for town.  Nothing remains of this once-thriving place.  In its place now stands the parking building which once served the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital; a lonely, flagless flag pole is on this corner.
We used to go over there as kids for a Coke when the print shop's Coke machine was empty.  It was a very busy place.
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Peterson's Auto, Kerrville, around 1950, on the corner of Water and Sidney Baker Streets.
Taken from the Pampell's corner, looking north.


  1. I remember that this building had separate water fountains and restrooms for the different human races.

    Thank goodness those days are over!

  2. The Peterson Auto building was very beautiful in its design.

    It was easily recognized and stood as a symbol of the stunning architecture of yesteryear.

    It was iconic.

    It should have been allowed to remain standing instead of replacing it with a parking garage.


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