Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An early Kerrville postcard. Is it accurate?

I like this postcard -- but I don't think it's accurate.

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Postcard, Kerrville, around the turn of the last century.
And I'm not talking about the misspelled word in the heading.  Printers are allowed a few misspelled words every now and then, right?

I just don't think the building behind the wool wagons is the Schreiner Wool Warehouse.  I think it's the building on Water Street that now houses Hill Country Living -- owned by Lyndia and Bill Rector.  The wool warehouse, across the street, had a different roof and different windows while the building shown here looks a lot like the Rectors' building.
If I'm right, the white building behind the stone building would be Pampell's, though, at the time, it might have been the Gregory Hotel.
The coloring on the horses is interesting, don't you think?  Now those are horses of a different color. (Blue.)
Thanks to Lanza Teague for sharing this postcard with me.
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