Sunday, May 1, 2011

Football Game (?) at West Texas Fair Grounds, 1907, Kerrville

Sometimes headlines can pose a problem.  Take this image of a ball game in Kerrville in 1907 at the West Texas Fair.  To me it looks a lot like a basketball court, and most people assume the printer just made a mistake labeling the postcard.
But not me.  I would never blame the printer for such a thing.  Printers are saints.  Perhaps football was played with hoops and backboards here in 1907.  It could happen.
The West Texas Fairgrounds were roughly between the Five Points Area (where Wells-Fargo Bank is today) and the river.  I have several photographs of the fair, but none as intriguing as this one.
Thanks to Lanza Teague for sharing this image with all of us.
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Postcard, "Football" game at West Texas Fair, Kerrville, 1907
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  1. Because of this postcard and a little investigative work, I learned something new today.

    According to, the first basketball games used a ball called an "association football."

    It looked very much like a modern day soccer ball.

    Therefore, the postcard is correct in labeling the game a football game.

    Very interesting!

  2. My Grandmother told me that she played on a girl's basketball team in Center Point around 1910 and that at that time no one had thought about cutting the bottom out of the basket net. After a goal, the game was stopped and the ball was poked out of the basket with a long pole. The netting in this photo also appears to be uncut.


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