Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kid Goats by Starr Bryden

Starr Bryden was an local photographer who took photos from about the turn of the last century until his death in the late 1950s.  Many of his photographs were intended for a public audience -- either as postcards or prints.  I have a feeling these were meant to be published, though I'm not sure they ever were.
Goats were an important part of Kerr County's economy in the first half of the 1900s.  Kerr County billed itself as the "Mohair Capital of the World," even though the rest of the world was known to ask, blankly, "what's a mo?"
Thanks to Lanza Teague (Sylvan Lampworks) for sharing these images with all of us.
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"Kid Goat," Kerrville, by Starr Bryden

"Kid Goats," Kerrville, by Starr Bryden

"Near Kerrville," by Starr Bryden
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