Friday, June 3, 2011

An important exhibit at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center

Those of us who've been in Kerrville awhile have seen the Guadalupe River change from its placid, gentle persona into a tantrum-throwing three year old.  My friend Lanza Teague, working with the Kerr County Historical Commission, has put together an exhibit at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center showing the importance of the Guadalupe River in our community's history.  Here are some photos from my collection showing the flood of 1932 -- the "Big One."  Not only was Kerrville effected, but all the communities along the river -- Hunt, Ingram, Kerrville, and Center Point, in Kerr County, and other communities downstream.
Take time to go see the display at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center.
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Tombstones after 1932 flood.
Damage to a home in Ingram, 1932 flood.
Damage in Hunt, 1932 flood.
Damage near Kerrville, 1932 flood.
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  1. That was a terrible flood.

    I hope that Kerrville never again has a flood similar to that one.


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