Thursday, June 9, 2011

A mystery photo of women in costume, Kerrville, 1917

This photo is dated 1917 on the back, and some of the women are identified.  But I really have no idea why they're dressed in costumes -- perhaps one of you could help solve the mystery.   Thanks to Sharon Walling for sharing this image with all of us.
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Mystery Photo, Kerrville, 1917

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  1. I don't recognize the people in this photo, but I do recognize one of the costumes. It is the one that is worn by the lady on the bottom row, second from the left.

    Somewhere, in my mountain of ancestral belongings that I have saved, I have an old photo of my Grandmother. It was taken sometime around 1882.

    In the photo she was wearing that costume, or one similar to it.

    She belonged to the lady's version of "The Knights of Pythias."

    She and the other ladies were always helping people; the sick, the poor, the lonely.

    She was a great lady.

    While I don't know anything about the Pythians, I remember the stories of a "dress up play" that the members performed once each year. I believe it was around Christmas time. It had something to do with the history of the order.

    That's all I know about the subject.

    I haven't seen the photo in many, many, many decades. However, if I can find someone to drive me to the storage shed, I will try to find the photo, and send a copy to Joe.


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