Thursday, June 16, 2011

A pause for reflection

As is probably obvious by now, I'm taking a little break from the blog while I think about what I'd like it to become.  I'm not abandoning the blog -- just want to take a step back and think about it, about what this blogging thing means and what it could mean.
I expect I'll be back soon.  I certainly have plenty of photos to share with you here, and old columns to publish.  I appreciate you for reading these posts -- and for your great comments. I've learned a lot from the sharing here.  Back in a bit.
Until then, all the best.


  1. I'll be happy to think it through with you over lunch sometime!

  2. Thanks, Marcus. I'd like that.

  3. Wait; Stop the Presses!!!

    I go away to Vegas for one week and when I get back I learn that my only reason for having a computer (your blog) is being re-evaluated.

    Joe, I bought this computer contraption and allowed my Great-Grandson (who appears to have an attitude) to teach me how to use it for one reason, and only one reason. I wanted to read your blog every day.

    My Great-Granddaughter found the blog and told me about it. She said that I was always talking about the Kerrville of my youth, and your blog would be enjoyable for me to read.

    She was right. I love your blog! I love your stories! I love your old photos!

    By all means take a rest. You deserve it.

    But, please don't stop the blog. It's too important to those of us who love Kerrville; especially the Kerrville of "Yesterday."

    P.S. If I can't read your blog on a regular basis, then this computer of mine is nothing more than a boat anchor (which is of no value to me because I am no longer allowed to get into or drive boats).

  4. Joe,

    Even students get time off for the summer.

    Why don't you suspend the blog and your newspaper columns until August or September.

    Then, you'll be rested and ready to go.

    Your fans (that includes me) will have to do without for a couple of months.

    Wait!!! Just the thought of not reading your blog every few days is making me dizzy and faint headed.

    My new mantra is:

    "September, hurry and get here"
    "September, hurry and get here"
    "September, hurry and get here."


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