Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A publishing revolution.

Having a phone with a pretty good camera is interesting.  It allows you to record parts of your life, and the life of your community, with images.  Some I immediately post here (or on Facebook).  This is revolutionary, really.  Sometimes I post items we'd once consider "News."  Once only those with expensive equipment (cameras, darkrooms, printing presses) could "Publish" news.  Now anyone can, and with an inexpensive phone.  The trick, of course, is to publish things that are interesting.
This post is to demonstrate the ease of publishing -- and to encourage my readers to try their own hand at blogging.  If you have a blog, please put your blog's address in the comments section below.  I'd be interested in visiting your site, and also in writing a guide to some of the best local blogs.
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My weekend shoes, taken on the back porch at home.

As the sun sets, it turns our neighbor's balcony a fiery orange; its reflection shown here.

My grandmother, Annie Lee Herring, on her birthday last week.

A Father's Day gift from Elizabeth and Ben

A young buck in our front yard.  Man, that screen looks awful.

I accidentally hit the camera button on my phone.  But I like the photo.

For more information about Joe's book, which has over 200 historic photographs
 of Kerrville, please click here.

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    You've been there before.... and I have a new blog coming soon!! I feel the writing compulsion grabbing hold of me once again.



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