Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kerrville City Councils -- late 1960s

I can recognize a few of the folks in these photos.  Dellie Voelkel, of course, when he was City Manager of Kerrville, and Fuzzy Swayze along with Gordon Monroe.  I think that's John M. Mosty in at least one photo, and perhaps J. Marvin Hunter, Jr., the man from whom my father bought our print shop. Fuzzy, John, and Gordon served our community as mayor.
Who do you recognize in the group?
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  1. Top photo: l to r; Ken Loyd, City Clerk, Dellie Voelkel City Manager, Fuzzy Swayze (apointed Mayor), Cedric Toler, Dan Johnson, J Marvin Hunter (served one day) and John M. Mosty. Martha (last name slips)City Manager Secretary is taking minutes. As a result of Hunter's resignation after the first meeting there was a deadlocked council (2-2 votes) for some time and was one of the least productive councils.
    Next photo: Ken Loyd, Dellie Voelkel, Fuzzy, John M, Walter Cummings (appointed Mayor), Bob Keith, Gordon Monroe and Martha taking minutes. This council preceded the one in top photo and was on of the most productive councils.
    Bottom photo Ken Loyd, swearing in Fuzzy and John M. with Walter looking on. All photos were taken in old City Hall now Union Bank.


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