Saturday, August 6, 2011

Military Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s

These photos, taken in downtown Kerrville, are from a parade long ago.  I'm hoping some of my readers might recognize some of the people in the parade.  The parade also offers a nice view of Water Street in the late 1960s.  If you recognize anyone, or know more about the parade, please let me know in the comments section below.
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Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s

Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s

Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s. Note the Bluebonnet Hotel and the Vogue in the background.

Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s
Parade review stand, Military Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s
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  1. If my memory serves me correctly(sometimes it doesn't serve me at all), I believe this was the Veteran's Day parade in 1966. I was not able to attend because I was working at the new Inn of The Hills. I cannot see well enough to identify anyone. Hope this helps.

    Daniel R. Craft

  2. While I could be wrong, (it happened once before), the third photo, entitled,

    "Parade, Kerrville, late 1960s. Note the Bluebonnet Hotel and the Vogue in the background,"

    appears to be the Schreiner College/Institute Marching Band.

    If so, then the man in the dark uniform, wearing sun glasses, would be Major Green (Barbara Green's Dad).

    Major Green was Schreiner's Band Director, and an excellent one at that.

    He was also a former military pilot.

    I don't remember if it was the Korean War, or World War II, but he fought in one of them.

  3. Wow! The photos bring back memories of my childhood Kerrville. I'm sure I was somewhere in the crowd. Depending on the date I would have been about 8 to 10 years old.


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