Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Then & Now: view from 2nd story of Schreiner Company

I thought this was interesting -- a shot of a Tivy High School pep rally from the 1950s taken from the 2nd story of the Schreiner Company building, paired with a shot taken last Friday.  Please feel free to share these with your friends.
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Pep Rally, Kerrville, mid 1950s.
The same view, August 2011


  1. Was in the pep rallies in the 40's marching (or sometimes riding) from the high school. Aside from that, I think the view is improved markedly! For those who lament change, just compare objectively at the photos... Change is sometimes good. (No offense intended Joe!)

  2. Oh, how I miss that old Blue Bonnet Hotel!


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