Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1936 Tivy Football scrapbook

A friend brought by a scrapbook kept by Evelyn Fisk, who was a senior at Tivy in 1936-1937 school year.  That also happens to be the year the Tivy football team played for the state championship in Amarillo.  Ms. Fisk kept a lot of things in her scrapbook, from notes she'd passed in class, to the train ticket she used to travel to and from the state championship game.  There are hundreds of never before seen items in this one scrapbook.  I'm thrilled to add it do my collection.
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The 1936-1937 Tivy Scrapbook of Evelyn Fisk
Scrappy with young Tivy student, 1936 
Some members of the 1936 Tivy Football team, with autographs

Young people and Scrappy, Kerrville, 1936

Parade, Kerrville, 1936.  Note awnings on 2nd floor of Weston Building

Tivy drum major and color bearers, Kerrille, 1936
From left to right: Illyne McJimsey, Olgie Worley, and Dorothy Dee Miller


  1. The fifth photo, in addition to showing awnings on the second floor of the Weston Building, shows the old downtown telephone poles.

    I remember those telephone poles and lines very well. I'm glad that they have been removed from the downtown area.

  2. I am on the Tivy freshman team this year, keep the picture of the '36 team as my phones screen saver. A reminder, and an oltamate goal.TFND!

  3. Olgie Worley was my great-grandmother. There are very few pictures of her. Very cool to see this. thank you!


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