Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brave enough to compete against Charles Schreiner

This is a photo of the first bank in Kerrville to compete against the Charles Schreiner Bank.  I would imagine the organizers of this bank, the First State Bank of Kerrville, were fairly brave folk.
This building was on Water Street, about where Fore Premier Properties and Water Street Cafe are today.  This bank became First National Bank, then moved to the Five Points area, then became Norwest Bank, and is now a Wells-Fargo Bank.  You can see the teller windows through the front window in this photograph.
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First State Bank, Water Street, Kerrville, probably around 1920,


  1. While I preferred to do business with Louie Wilson at the Schreiner Bank, I considered the First National Bank to be excellent in the service it provided.

    There were times that I made use of both banks and I liked them very much.

    I was greatly disappointed that both banks allowed themselves to be absorbed by other banks.

    In my opinion, that was poor leadership.

  2. When my dad left for the navy in WWI, he closed his account with First State Bank. When he returned from the war, he went in to open another account. He was told that the bank had not closed his account but left a penny balance in it until he returned. I wonder if they did that for all the veterans accounts in WWI? Longer story as to why my dad was with FSB when rest of the family was with Schreiner Bank. Some other time...

  3. I still have a bank bag from First State Bank.

    It's one of my favorite keepsakes.


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