Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kerrville Piano Students, around 1970

My long-time friend Sue Robbins Madrid sent along this photo of herself and some fellow piano students.  She recognized a lot of the students -- perhaps you can help us fill in the blanks.
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Kerrville Piano Students, around 1970.  Taken in Kerrville at the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library
Here is Sue's list of names for the above: 
Front Row L – R, Lori Kneip, Tracy Hobson, Jim Stengel, Stephan Stengel, Should know but don’t, Debra Dobbs, Tim Hayes, Brett Hobson, Leisha Beakley (sp),  

Middle Row, Mary Catherine Henke, Another should know, Steve Schwarz, Danelle Farrington (his girlfriend at the time) and coach Bill Farrington’s daughter, Sue Robbins Madrid, Sandra Ahrens, James Oehler, ????, Anna Holekamp (sp), Verna Jo Griffith, Becky Schwarz

Top Row – these kids were WAY older, (like ancient to a 9 year old) so not so much here, Greg ?, ??, ??, Janice Hayes, Beverly Barr?, ??, ? Oehler?, ??, ??, Mrs. Kay Jung – wife of Coach Jung, 

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  1. I think I remembered Greg's last name (from the back row). I think it was Hoblet??

    I also think maybe Mrs. Jung was Kaye not Kay, but could be mistaken.


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