Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kerrville to have 2 H-E-B stores

Kerrville grocery stores have been in the news lately with H-E-B buying the local Albertson's store and converting it to an H-E-B.  Kerrville will suddenly be a 2 H-E-B town.  My sources tell me both stores will be very similar, neither being the long sought-for "Central Market" for Kerrville.  Oh well.
For fun, I thought it would be interesting to see a couple of photos of grocery stores from about the time I was a boy, the mid-1960s.
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Kerrville Super Market, late 1950s, Kerrville.  This later became
Evans Foodway, the store that brought my family to Kerrville.
It is off of Five Points, and is now the Fine Medical Center
I think this is in the Evans Foodway Store, it certainly looks like how I remember it.
Kerrville, mid-1960s.
The Florence Butt Grocery store building -- later the C. C. Butt Grocery.
The local H-E-B is actually not in the same company as the other H-E-B
stores in the other system; it is still owned by the C. C. Butt Grocery Company.
This store was on Main Street, about where the Hill Country Cafe is today.
This photo was taken long after the Butt's store had moved to a different location.


  1. The explanation of the HEB stores confuses me.

    I remember the stores very well, but I thought that they were all part of Howard's store chain.

    Two systems are mentioned in the caption: C.C. Butt and the "other" system.

    Are C.C. Butt Stores and Howard E. Butt Stores two different systems (chains)?

  2. Oh, you need a picture of Hunt's Grocery run by John and Harry Hunt. It was located next to the old Methodist Church on Sidney Baker where the Walgreens is now. I worked there in high school. The Hunt brothers were good folks!

  3. The Question is: Is the Albertsons Store to be owned by HEB or C C Butt Grocery Company? C C Butt Grocery Co. is the original started by Howard Butt's parents and HEB was started later in the Valley by Howard...


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