Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kerrville's Railroad Depot

I don't actually have an original copy of this photo; to get this image we scanned an old newspaper.  This was the first passenger depot in Kerrville for the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railroad.  The caption in the newspaper read "Remember When? Kerrville was the railhead for the entire area in 1910 when this picture was made, and daily passenger service to San Antonio was the main mode of travel.  D. H. Comparette located this rare picture, made by the late Col. J. E. Grinstead, and said it was made before a fire destroyed part of the station.  Comparette could identify the team of horses, which he said belonged to E. E. Galbraith, but is unable to recognize any of the people."  I think that's kind of funny.  I do see a big old bird dog in the front seat of the carriage.
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Kerrville Passenger Depot, Kerrville, 1910

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