Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today Only: 100 years of Tivy Football Homecoming Showcase

Lisa Winters, Public and Media Relations officer for the Kerrville Independent School District has done a great job creating a temporary display commemorating the 100 years of Tivy Football.  The display is at the campus of the Hal Peterson Middle School (the campus on Sidney Baker that was Tivy High School until 2003).  The address for the showcase is 1607 Sidney Baker Street.
The community has donated items for the display, including items from my collection.
These items will be displayed today ONLY.  Hours for the display will be October 14, from 10am to 5pm.
Admission is free.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of these items.
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Banner at the entrance to the Showcase
One of the displays, including a copy of the Tivy Fight Song signed by 
woman who wrote the lyrics.
Some of the hundreds of images on display
A few of Tivy's football trophies
An original copy of the Tivy Fight Song, complete with the lyricist's autograph


  1. I so wish that I lived near Kerrville. I would truly like to see this display; especially the older items and photographs. I might remember a few of the football players.

  2. Joe is there anyway you can get the Tivy Fight Song lyrics posted. I have been looking for a copy of the words and most people know some of the words but no one knows all of them. Please and thank you.

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  4. Joe, I must respectfully disagree with the statement printed on the back of the sheet music for the Tivy Fight Song that it was written in 1946. In the fall of 1940 I was starting my senior year at Tivy and had been elected one of the five cheerleaders (3 girls and 2 boys - - I can send a picture if you'd like). The five of us were hauled out to Pete Martinez's home just inside the present Park Street entrance to Schreiner University. Lavene Bennett played the music to the Tivy Fight Song she and Pete had written and we practiced it several times and then introduced and taught it to the Tivy student body at a Tivy pep rally in the auditorium of the then Tivy Elementary school. The music and words are printed on one of the back pages of my 1941 Tivy Antler yearbook.

  5. Some of the above readers are confusing the Tivy Alma Mater with the Tivy Fight Song.


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