Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: Ham Postcard from E. T. Butt

The correct name for this postcard is a "QSL Card."  I had no idea Eugene T. Butt was a ham operator until I saw this card.  Mr. Butt was Howard Butt's older brother, the second son of C. C. Butt and Florence Thornton Butt.  Mrs. Butt, as you may recall, started a small little grocery store in Kerrville in 1905.
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My friend John MacCrossan, whose father was a ham radio enthusiast, sent along this clarification: Look at the remarks on the card.  Mr Butt used the abbreviations beloved of Morse operators  "vy gld to QSO om es hpe cuagn"  = "Very glad to have made contact with you old man and hope to see you again". "73 de E T Butt" meant cheerio or best wishes from E T Butt.  (Similarly "88" meant love and kisses.)


  1. The card states that E. T. Butt's post office box is box # 1.

    How many people do we know with the number one post office box?

    That's interesting.

  2. so QSO om = have made contact with you?

  3. So, texting can't be blamed for the degradation of English. Ham operators were at it long before anybody sent a text!


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