Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kerrville's Mountain Street

There once was a street in Kerrville named Mountain Street.  It was one of the most important streets in town; the post office was located there at the turn of the last century and Captain Schreiner's home was on Mountain Street.
Of course, at the end of World War I, when the town celebrated Armistice Day and the end of World War I, they did not know three of their Kerrville boys would not be coming home.  The next week, Mrs. Baker found out about her boy, Sidney.  Judge Garrett and his wife found about their boy, Earl.  And almost a month after November 11th, the Lemos family found out their Francisco had died.
Here are scenes from Mountain Street, most taken before the War to End All Wars.
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Mountain Street looking toward Water Street; the Weston Building (Francisco's) is on left.

Mountain Street looking toward Main, Charles Schreiner home on left
just out of photo frame.  Kerrville, around 1920.
Self's Store, Mountain Street, around 1915
This is about where Rita's Famous Tacos is today.
The Masonic Building (Sheftall's) and Self's, around 1915.
The lower floor of the Masonic Building was also the post office at the time.


  1. These are wonderful photos.

    Are there any available that show the homes that were farther up the hill on Mountain Street?

    Joe, will your new book contain photos that have already been posted on your blog, or will they be photos that we have not yet seen?

    How is your book coming along?

  2. I love what looks like a greenhouse on the Schreiner property.

    Adjacent to the Schreiner home, it looks as if another house was on the property that is next to the green house (where the post office was once located).

    Any idea who owned that house? Are there any photos of it?


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