Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mystery solved!

Sometime ago I posted a photo of a mystery building which used to be at the corner of Water Street and Earl Garrett Street. I'd never seen it before, and wondered what it might have been.  (Click here to see that old post.) Well, Mary L. Stewart knew what it was: her grandfather's pharmacy.
Earl Garrett Street facing the intersection with Water, around 1905.
The mystery building is on the right; in a previous post I asked
for help in identifying it.
Ms. Stewart wrote me this: "Joe,  Just a quick note about the first photo in your blog.  The building on the right with the funny little raised part in the middle on top is the original building Capt. Schreiner built for my grandfather's drug store: Kerrville Drug Co. was painted on the front window.  It was later remodeled & Schreiner used it for his bank. When it was remodeled, Schreiner built a one story building next door for the drug store."  Her grandfather was "Dr. P. J. Domingues; he lived at 412 Water until he died in 1954."
Here's a photo of the pharmacy from Ms. Stewart:
Kerrville Drug Company building, before 1900.  The little cart is a "tamale cart."
This building was on the corner of Water and Earl Garrett Streets,
opposite Schreiner Company.  A saddle company shared the building.
And a photo of her grandfather, Dr. P. J. Domingues, in front of his pharmacy:

Dr. P. J. Domingues

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  1. Thank you Joe, and Ms. Stewart, you solved this mystery.

    When the building was first shown in the original posting, it was a great curiosity to the blog's readers.

    Now, if we could just solve Joe's other big mystery, the downtown parade that probably took place before 1905.

    The posting was entitled, "The biggest mystery in my collection of historic photos." It was posted on August 11, 2010.


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