Thursday, December 1, 2011

1980 Kerr "Country" Almanac

Ms. Helen Eisaman, who taught me English my sophomore year at Tivy High School, brought by a little booklet for my collection of historic Kerr County items.  The problem with this "historic" item is this: I recognize most of the people on the front cover and they're all my age or younger.  When did I get old enough to be "historic?"
Thanks Ms. Eisaman for the nice booklet.  It brought back a lot of memories.
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Kerr Country Almanac, Kerrville, 1980.
I remember those pretty twirlers from the Tivy High School Band.
From left to right: Deborah Dobbs, Karen Keith, Carol Neely,
Donna Weinheimer, Stephanie Menn, and Gayle Murphy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Joe, you are not old.

    Unfortunately, I am.

    When I throw my garbage away, anthropology professors, from the local university, dig
    through my trash can in the hopes of learning what life was like when civilization first developed. :)


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