Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: 1886 Kerr County Republican Candidates

I think this is particularly interesting given that Charles Schreiner has gotten an opponent for Kerr County Treasurer, an office Schreiner held since 1868, according to the Handbook of Texas Online.  This was included in a box of items recently brought to me as a gift.
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1886 Republican Candidates, Kerr County

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  1. Joe, thank you for posting this Republican Ticket, it's part of my family history.

    John Howard Davis, who ran for the office of County Surveyor, was my Great-Great Grandfather.

    He won the election and remained the County Surveyor for a number of years. Later, he was elected to the position of County Treasurer and remained the Treasurer until the beginning of 1903.

    In November of 1902, he ran for the office of
    County Assessor and lost the race to Otto Dietert. Because he ran for the office of Assessor, he could not simultaneously run for the office of Treasurer, the position he currently held.

    When he lost the Assessor's election, he was suddenly out of a County job for the first time in 20 years.

    John Howard Davis was a civil engineer, who was educated in Kentucky. He and his entire family: parents, siblings, wife and children, moved from Kentucky to San Antonio in 1880.

    While most of the family remained in San Antonio, John Howard Davis, his wife, and children immediately moved to Center Point, TX where he became the school's principal for a couple of years.

    He and his family then moved to Kerrville, where they remained.

    Two notes of interest:

    1. Although the Davis' were of English origin, not German, his oldest sister, Georgia Ware Davis, was a teacher at the German-English School in San Antonio. The school was co-founded by George Brackenridge.

    2. His youngest sister, Elvira Stuart Davis, was George Brackenridge's personal librarian.


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