Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mystery photo three -- third in the series

Here is the third of the three mystery photos.  I published the first one, plus details, on Saturday, January 14th; the second on Sunday the 15th.  And today, the third.  As before, I'll post the whole image, plus details taken from the image.  Any ideas about this parade -- and the event which occasioned these three images -- are welcome in the comments section below.  I believe all three images were made at the same time, from the same vantage point.
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The original image, of a parade in the 700 block of Water Street in Kerrville.
Schreiner's store and bank are on the right hand side of the photo.

 "Wilkommen," and the musical lyre suggest this was a Saengerfest, or
festival of the German singing societies of Kerrville and neighboring
towns, such as Fredericksburg, Comfort, and Boerne
Another tri-color flag, displayed from the Schreiner Wool Warehouse.
Note the utility pole in the image.

The Rector's building is shown in this shot.  At the time
it probably housed the Favorite Saloon.

Spectators in front of the Schreiner store; note the
"Magic Yeast" sign on the tree trunk.
Magic Yeast was a product of the E W Gillett Company

There appears to be a lantern or lamp in the center of this image, on a white post
decorated with ribbon.

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  1. In the top photo, there is a banner on the Schreiner store/bank building. The banner is on the front of the building and it also wraps around to the side of the building.

    The front section of the banner has a word printed on it. I cannot read it. It may be the name of the store (Schreiner), or it may be related to the parade.

    Is anyone able to read the banner?


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