Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newly found shot of Peterson's Garage

This photo was in with some stuff from the Nichols family.  It is of the old Peterson Garage, which was on the corner of Sidney Baker and Water Street, where the hospital parking building now stands.  This building also held the Kerrville Bus Company depot.  This shot was taken from about where Cricket's is today, looking north.
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Peterson's Garage, Kerrville, around 1970.  Note hanging traffic light.


  1. The photo was taken earlier than 1970. The neon signs were placed on the building circa 1963. The car in front of Swan Laundry appears to be a 62 or 63 Chevrolet. The auto under the bus station canopy looks like a Cadillac of that same period. I have photo of the tire test fleet on Water Street which shows the neon signs. The test cars are 1962 models. Those cars seldom lasted more than a year.

  2. This is a great photo.

  3. The covered area in the front of the building had 4 restrooms, each with a white front door.

    One of the white doors is to the right of the man who is walking under the overhanging area.

    The second white door was directly in front of the man.

    The third door is blocked from view by the column (where the car is parked).

    The fourth door is to the left of the column.

    Two of the doors were marked: White Men and White Women.

    The other two doors were marked: Colored Men and Colored Women.

    Also, there were two water fountains, marked:
    For Whites Only, and For Coloreds Only.

    It's a shame that our wonderful country went through that phase, but thank goodness we are
    past all that nonsense.

  4. And that picture was taken "before" the Peterson Hospital was built around it.

    In my memory, I remember that under the awning of the Pete garage was the sixth coolest place in downtown Kerrville during summers, sixth to the Chas. Schriner and Penny stores, and in descending order to the old Ice House that was down behind the Piggly Wiggly further east down on the south side of Water Street, and the Arcadia and Rialto theaters.


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