Thursday, February 16, 2012

1890 Advertisement for Kerrville

This ad, found in an 1890 book about San Antonio, is remarkable.  Found by my friend John MacCrossan (head of the Kerrville History Research Society, Ireland Department), and sent along to me via the Internet, crossing seas and mountains to get here.
The 1890 date is significant.  The railroad reached here in 1887 (a fact mentioned in the ad); in 1890 two of the more historic structures in Old Town Kerrville were built: the Weston Building (now home of Francisco's Restaurant), at the corner of Water and Earl Garrett; and the Masonic Building (now home of Sheftall's Jewellers), in the 200 block of Earl Garrett.  And the City of Kerrville incorporated in 1889.
The ad was published in "San Antonio de Bexar: A guide and history," by William Corner, published in 1890 by Bainbridge and Corner in San Antonio.
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Advertisement extolling Kerrville, 1890, published
in a history of Bexar County

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  1. This is a great ad.

    It made ME want to move back to Kerrville.


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