Monday, February 6, 2012

A comparison: Scofield School photos

My friend Aaron Yates, who is a very talented photographer, sent me a series of photos showing the Scofield School as it appeared about a decade ago.  I couldn't help but compare these two images, taken from about the same point.  You can see more of Aaron's images of the Scofield School by clicking here.
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Students, Scofield School for Girls, Kerrville, around 1910
Scofield School (Villa Saralita).  Note the rail and skylight to the lower floor.
Photo by Aaron Yates, around 2004.


  1. YooHoo, look at the legs. They were really being daring in those days. Love the picture. I like the "then and now. Is there any more shots of the house?
    Perry Reed

    1. Perry, click on the link to Aaron's site. Lots of contemporary shots there. thanks, Joe

  2. I went to Aaron's website. The photos of the Scofield home are beautiful.

    I've fallen in love with that house.


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