Friday, February 3, 2012

Kerrville's Scofield School for Girls

In 1909 Miss Sarah Scofield opened a school for girls in Kerrville.  It had both boarding and day students. The school building itself still exists, high on the hill at the intersection of Hwys 16 and 173 south of town.  My thanks to Julius Nuenhoffer for loaning me these photos.
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Scofield School for Girls, probably around 1910.
This building is visible from Hwy 173, opposite UltraFit
I assume this is the faculty of the school, around 1910.
An interior view of the school.


  1. That teacher on the lower left side is pretty frightening looking!

  2. Joe,

    Thank you very much for posting photos of the old Scofield Building. In all the decades that I lived in Kerrville (so very many years ago) not once did I see the building. I didn't even know that it still existed.

    Using Google Map, I was unable to find the building. Is it on Saralita Villa Road?

    By chance, do you have a current photo of the building?

    Is the building in use, today? I hope so.

  3. Here are current photos of the school building:

  4. Here are more current photos of the Scofield Building:


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