Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vincent van Gogh in Kerrville

Just for fun I wondered what it would be like for Vincent Van Gogh to visit Kerrville and paint canvases of some of our landmark buildings.  The result is below.  (Apologies to the real artists among my friends, especially Dusty Pendleton.)
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feel free to share these with your fiends.
The Charles Schreiner home, Kerrville

The Weston Building, Kerrville

The Masonic Building, Kerrville

The Arcadia Theater, Kerrville

Herring Printing Company, Kerrville


  1. These are GREAT!
    But am I dull or what? Did you paint them yourself, Joe?

    1. After a day of reflection, it appears that two days following Vincent van Gogh's birthday might have been a more timely publication date.

  2. I love the Arcadia and Herring Printing Comany best....

  3. Joe,

    In your message, there was a hint, but not a confirmation, that you painted these works of art. They are very, very good!

    If you are the artist, please post more of your work.

    I've painted for years, but have allowed only one of my paintings to be viewed by my family. It was a painting of my granddaughter.

    Everyone said that it was a very good painting, but that it looked nothing like my granddaughter. Were they praising or criticizing my work? I'll never know because I went back to my philosophy of not displaying my paintings.

    The artist who painted these works of art, that you posted today, should display his or her art. It's wonderful!

    1. I must confess: I did not paint these. I did take the photos from which these images were created. My painting skills is nils.

  4. I see a bit of Salvador Dali here too. Interesting post, Mr. Joe.


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