Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aerial view of Kerrville's VA Hospital, early on

A kind reader sent along this postcard, showing Kerrville's Veterans Administration hospital, early on in its service to our community.  The V A Hospital here started out as an American Legion hospital in the early 1920s.
U. S. Veterans Bureau Hospital, Legion [Kerrville], Texas.  Date unknown


  1. The VA, in this photo, appears to have many more buildings than the current VA has on its property.

    Also, in this photo I don't see the VA cemetery.

  2. Mr. Herring,
    Do you by any chance know anything about the house (at least it looks like some kind of government housing)that is in front of the Kerrville VA Hospital? I am pretty sure it's empty but I just wondered who may have lived there. Thanks in advance for your time.

  3. I'm not sure which structure you mean.


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