Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A group of Kerrville sailors, around 1968

Once again, I need your help.  I know the "where" and "when" on this shot, but not the "who" or "why."
If you can help, please leave a comment in the comments section below.
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Sailors, on the steps of the old Kerrville post office, around 1967.


  1. Only familiar face to me is 1st row, 2nd from right. Looks like Tommy Henderson. Maybe some of his family could give some information.

  2. The 2nd man in the first row from the left looks like my father James Griffin.

  3. The fellow at lower left is William Van Reese. He made a career in the Navy as a dentist or a dental technician.

  4. Front row second from the right is Carlos Pfiester.

  5. Great picture. I was finishing up my 6th year in the Navy in the Pentagon at the time this picture was taken. Regretfully, I don't recognize any of the sailors.


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