Thursday, March 1, 2012

Louis A. Schreiner, as I remember him

I am old enough to remember Louis A. Schreiner, and his office at the Schreiner Bank, there at the corner of Water and Earl Garrett streets. Louis A. Schreiner was one of Captain Charles Schreiner's sons, and was the banker of the family.  His desk was near the front door, on the left as your entered the bank, as I remember.  In this 1967 photo Mr. Schreiner appears with some young people.  If any of you recognize the students, I'd appreciate some help in identifying them.
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Louis A. Schreiner, in his office at the Charles Schreiner Bank, with young people,
Kerrville, around 1967


  1. It's very difficult to determine for certain, but the student sitting closest to Mr. Schreiner may be Mary Wilson (90% chance that it is not Mary Wilson).

  2. Mr. Schreiner's desk is so very cluttered; it reminds me of my own desk.


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