Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please explain these Kerrville photos to me.

I have a lot of Kerrville photographs in my collection, and more than a few leave me baffled.  The beg the question "What on Earth was the photographer trying to convey here?"  Or "What is happening in this photo."  Here are a few:
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My question, exactly.

Shelby and Cody preferred watching waders
over television.  Life was simpler then.

The way this photo is framed, it looks like 2 or 3
little girls ran from the left side of the image, leaving a space.

That's either a very small boy, or a
very large pencil.  Mod shirt, though.

(This is Philip Stacy!)

I know, a typical nativity play.  I'm sure the child in the back
is dressed as a cow (or bull).  But the costume looks
a little like a Hallowe'en devil's costume.

Look boys!  A tire. See if you can find the other three.
My apologies to those readers who find themselves in the photos above.  I'm not making fun of you!  I'm just amused by the way the photograph appears.


  1. The first photo was a "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign. Please note the old phone booth - nostalgia.

    I believe the man in the last photo, pointing to the tire, is Coach Jim Reid. I considered Coach Reid to be a great man, and it had nothing to do with sports. He was just a wonderful person who cared about people.

  2. In the first photo, the man standing on the left, directly in front of the car, may be Mr. William Dozier, but I'm not certain.

  3. Directly in the center of the photo, I see my beloved Blue Bonnet Hotel.

  4. Behind the phone booth, a bit of the hospital and Schreiner's Feed Store can be seen.

  5. On the telephone pole that is directly behind the telephone booth, there is a large bow.

    I wonder if it was Christmas time.

  6. The third photo of the young ladies on stage is interesting in that they have been posed in how they are standing. Reminds me of a Starkey 5th grade teacher who was a former model. She would always instruct proper ladylike standing, as shown in this 3rd photo. The feet is a slightly off angled V :)


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